Eager for Export

Eager for Export

10th April 2021 0 By LMTrains

5Z91 1558 Bounds Green T&R.S.M.D. to Leicester L.I.P. (Operated by GBRf)

[TOL] Eager For Export

Description: With Europhoenix 91’s 117 and 120 now in Bulgaria, the project has been proved such a success that two more 91’s have been chosen for the programme, those being 130 and 119. GBRf are once again in charge of taking the 91’s to Leicester ready for export, and you are also taking three redundant
MK3 coaches for use in the DATS test train. You start at Carlton Road Jct.


AP Class 50 Pack
DTG InterCity Class 91 Loco Addon + AP Class 91 Enhancement Pack + Train Sim Designs Intercity 225: LNER/VTEC Pack (Alan Thomson Sim)
+ LNER ICS Class 91119 (Alan Thomson Sim) + Europhoenix Class 91 (Alan Thomson Sim)
Superalbs Desiro City Pack (Alan Thomson Sim)
AP C43 VP185 Enhancement Pack
Just Trains Class 222 Meridian
AP Class 37 Pack Volume 1
AP MK2D-F Coach Pack
RSC Class 56 Railfreight Sectors + AP C56 Sound Pack + DC Rail Class 56 Reskin (Alan Thomson Sim)
Just Trains Common Library

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