(Now Obsolete) Drax Biomass Wagons (Public Beta v1.3)

(Now Obsolete) Drax Biomass Wagons (Public Beta v1.3)

7th March 2019 5 By nymr1

**December 2023 Onwards – No more support will be provided for these but will be available to download for those who still want them**

This version is a public beta mean’t for scenario creators, the wagons are currently not 100% finalized.

Custom made by myself in Autodesk 3DS Max. Features custom sounds and a few Quick drive consists (also included are two patches to allow the wagons to use either the Armstrong Powerhouse Wagon (Flat) Sound Pack or Wagon (Modern) Sound Pack).

​A bonus Lynemouth reskin has been included.

​These wagons were specifically made for Drax Power Station near Selby, North Yorkshire to help provide it with a new source of a electricity generating product, in this case, Biomass.

V1.2.2 – Initial Public Release
V1.3 – Added New Bogies and All liveries have been baked