Diversion Day

Diversion Day

20th April 2020 0 By Cactus732

During engineering works on the WCML in 1991, Intercity trains were dragged between Nuneaton and Bedford and then ran under their own power into St. Pancras. In what is an update of one of my old Workshop scenarios you’ll take over a Southbound 86 on a service from Glasgow central and drive nonstop from Bedford.

Scenario Route: MML London-Bedford
Scenario Length: 40 Minutes


AP Class 86 EP
AP Class 56 EP
AP Class 319 Volume 2
AP Valenta HST Enhancement
AP Mk2D-F Coaches
APW TDA Wagons
APW Class 90
JT Class 60
DTG Virgin First Generation Pack + Backdated Trainsim Intercity Original 47/8 Pack and Parcels 47/4 Pack
Steam Class 87 Standalone + VP Intercity Swallow Pack
Steam Class 121 NSE