[D14] 1I10 Holyhead – Birmingham International (2022) (Two parts)

[D14] 1I10 Holyhead – Birmingham International (2022) (Two parts)

6th July 2022 1 By Deiniol14

Today is the 28th of June, 2022, and you will be taking Transport for Wales’ 1I10 from Holyhead to Llandudno Junction (Part 1), and Llandudno Junction to Chester (Part 2). This scenario is semi-fictional at it contains services planned in the timetable which never ran on the day, plus the Avanti West Coast service in part 1 has been swapped for some classic traction. There are also a couple of locomotives in these scenarios which have been scrapped in real life, as a sort of tribute to the locomotives lost to history.

The requirements are as follows, with an asterisk (*) denoting static AI requirements:

Both parts:

AP Class 37 Pack Vol. 1
AP Class 158 Perkins EP
AP Class 175 EP
DTG NSE Class 159
DTG South Wales Coastal (Re-Release)
MJW TfW Class 158

Part 1:

*AP Class 67 EP
*AP Class 91 + Mk4 EP
*AP Mk2A-C Coach Pack
AP Mk2D-F Coach Pack
*AP Mk2F DBSO Coach Pack
*DTG EWS Class 67
*DTG IC Class 91
*MJW TfW Mk4 WAG Pack

Part 2:

*AP Class 150/1 EP
AP Class 150/2 Pack
*DTG Class 150/1
MJW Ex-ATW Class 150

AP’s Weather Enhancement Pack is used in these scenarios but is it not essential to have.