Colourful Convoy

Colourful Convoy

8th April 2021 5 By LMTrains

[LMTrains] Scenario: Colourful Convoy

Description: With TPE’s 68’s undergoing software updates to the TMS in conjunction with the CAF Mk5’s, daily paths have been put in for loco swaps between DRS and TPE’s depots at Crewe Gresty Bridge, Longsight and York Siemens. You work one of these swaps, albeit DRS need to send 68034 and a 37 additionally with you for your trip today. Take the controls just outside Leeds and work
this service to York.


Route: Leeds Lines V2

DTG Class 68 + AP 68 Enhancement Pack + 68 Visual Additions (Alan Thomson Sim)
Thomson Class 170 + AP 170 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2 Pack
Class 47727 Reskin (Alan Thomson Sim)
Class 37025 Reskin (Vulcan Productions)
Class 68 MK5 Pack (Alan Thomson Sim)
DTG 801 Pack + LNER 800 Reskin (Alan Thomson Sim)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 43 Enhancement Pack MTU + MK3 Sliding Door Pack (Alan Thomson Sim)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Pack Volume 1 (For static vehicles)
Armstrong Powerhouse HHA Wagon Pack (For static vehicles)
DTG/Thomson WCML Trent Valley (For container flats/static vehicles)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 321 Pack + 322 Northern Unbranded Reksin (Alan Thomson Sim)
DTG Class 52 (For barrier wagons) + MK1 T2 Translator/Barrier Set (Alan Thomson Sim)