Class 91/Mk4 Improvements Patch

Class 91/Mk4 Improvements Patch

30th November 2019 31 By JamesIvell

This patch for the Liveries that come with AP’s Class91/Mk4 Enhancement pack that adds extra variants for the fronts of some applicable liveries, the relevant liveries and have been ported to the 91 /1 and ex mallard refurb DVT with relevant texture changes for improved accuracy, minor texture changes have been made to the Mk4s to make the doors more accurate to real life. On relevant Liveries the Set of Doors closest to the Buffet on the RSB have been re textured and no longer open to more accurately repre-sent the RSBs in their later life, Destination sheets have been added to all the possible doorways on the mk4s (Excluding ICS) similar to that shown in the LNER/VTEC IC225 pack and Head-lights on the 91 Mk4 DVT have had variants added that more accurately represent the Light configurations in the early years where only a single headlight was illuminated depending on time of day.



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