Class 90 Malcolm Rail

Class 90 Malcolm Rail

31st July 2022 3 By Bodge It TMD

Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm. Got a loco liveried in partnership with DB. Got another now, and the second one is even harder to recreate than the first! So, for now, there’s only one here. Took so long to make. Please don’t shout at us about the caption font, we genuinely spent hours trying to find it. Hours. Got as much source as we could, I even replicated some of the letters and put them through font finders. Of course, Colin has changed font now and there were no vectors of his old logo. Colin, you’ve caused us so much pain with that one! Swooshes were a pain, the odd shape of the 90… also a pain. I mean err, Greener Cleaner Logistics. That’s the one. Dear Mr. Malcolm, please can we have source for 021, you made it too complicated. If I tried to replicate it myself it’d be like the Olympic ribbon gymnastics stuff performed by a Tasmanian devil, filmed on Unregistered Hypercam2. Which is weird considering I’ve done loooooads of special liveries in the past. Many decals. Much wow.

What’s Included?
– 90024 in original Malcolm livery
– Ex-works and weathered variants
– Improved default head/marker/tail light appearance
and more!

– AP: Class 90/MK3 DVT Pack

– A detailed manual is included with the full pack details and instructions you need, please read it carefully!

– Clowes – Basically everything on this one. All the difficult stuff; the fancy livery bits, the fancy decal bits, the fancy research bits that drove both of us nuts for days, even some of the fancy scripting bits. Probably done more for this 90 than I have… call us Clodge It TMD. Oh, and some of the fancy manual bits…. and the not so fancy testing. Like I said, basically everything.