Class 90 Grand Central – v1.1 –

Class 90 Grand Central – v1.1 –

24th February 2020 12 By Bodge It TMD

5 Class 90s are being hired from DB Cargo by Grand Central for use on soon-to-be-introduced loco hauled services on the WCML. These are currently in the process of being repainted into Grand Central livery, with 90026 and 90029 being the only ones completed so far. I will update the pack as the others are completed.

What’s new in v1.1?
– Added 90026 and 90029 in orange stripe livery
– New and improved external numbers
– Tweaked colour of yellow stripe, warning panels and Grand Central logo

What’s Included?
– Yellow stripe livery (026)
– Orange stripe livery (026/029)
– New head/marker/taillight textures

– AP Class 90/Mk3 DVT Pack

– A manual is included with all the details and instructions you need, please read it carefully!

Thank you to Clowes for his assistance in finding resource material for various bits and bobs, making some tasty vectors and allowing me to use his DBC number font.