Class 86 Improvement Patch

Class 86 Improvement Patch

8th January 2019 17 By JamesIvell

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The Class 86 is a type of Electric Locomotive that was built during the 1960s

This patch improves the Class 86 in ‘Class 86 Loco Add-On’ from RSC.

These improvements include,

Improved exterior textures with increased resolution
New non driver variants
Edits made to the train starts with the brakes applied opposed to fully released.

porting some of the physics from the WCML OS Class 87

New modelled pantograph for Stone Faiverley AMBR and AEI Cross Arm Pantographs

Working Tap Transformer Needle for Second loco when working in multiple

Note: The AMBR and AEI pantograph variants don’t apply to the Low Pantograph variants of the stock.


Class 86 Loco Add-On

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