Class 86 Cab View Patch

Class 86 Cab View Patch

23rd September 2019 1 By Leander

This is a small patch that updates the default cab views of the Class 86 by RSC. The patch increases the freedom of movement within the cab, and includes the following new positions:

– Second man’s seat
– Centre of the cab, behind the seats

The patch works on all reskins that references the cab view file in the BR Blue folder. Below is a list of tested reskins that this patch will automatically be applied to, however this may not be a complete list:

Armstrong Powerhouse: Anglia Railways and Intercity Swallow (AP40)
James Ivell: All variations included in ‘Class 86 Improvement Patch’
RSC: All variations included by default
SpookyWestie: Class 86/2 Virgin Trains

RSC – Class 86 Loco Add-On