Class 86 (101): BR InterCity Swallow (Modern)

Class 86 (101): BR InterCity Swallow (Modern)

18th September 2021 1 By The GWRailfan

Hi, and thanks for downloading! This is my second “reskin” uploaded to ATS. I put that in quotation marks because, just like my Regional Railways 37425, it’s sort of half-reskin, half-patch.
This represents 86101 in it’s current state, InterCity Swallow livery with LED lights.

All 3 levels of weathering: W1, W2 and W3
Trailing versions of each weathering level
Light locomotive PreLoad (Quick Drive consist)
Modified .bin files

RSC Class 86 Pack (
AP Class 86 Enhancement Pack (

That’s it!

Credit to ChrisW37 for giving me the idea to make this.

V1.0: Initial release

I hope you enjoy this reskin!
The GWRailfan 🙂