Class 66748 “West Burton 50” “Safety”

Class 66748 “West Burton 50” “Safety”

17th October 2021 0 By C 70015

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Hi, Thanks for downloading my First reskin. This depicts 66748 in its current GBRf and “Safety” decals.

3D nameplate
Decals formed in the same shape as 66 side

Please read the “README” included with the download.

Class 66 EWS –
West Coast Mainline Trent Valley –
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack –

DTG – Class 66 EWS and Textures
AP – Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Thomson Interactive – WCML Trent Valley
James Hoyle – “West Burton 50” nameplate and texture
C70015 (Me) – Lights, “Safety” Decals
Thanks to a friend who assisted me with the 66 textures.