Class 508: Connex South Eastern/SouthEastern

Class 508: Connex South Eastern/SouthEastern

20th February 2022 15 By JamesIvell

This Pack Depicts the 12 Class 508/2 units which were leased by Connex South Eastern (and subsequent
franchises) from 1998 to 2008 for Operation on Metro services to allow for older Class 411 to be withdrawn.
These units received initially Connex SouthEastern livery with some units also subsequently receiving the
SET and SE liveries respectively later in their service with the SE franchise.
These units ran up until December 2008 where they were withdrawn when some of SouthEastern’s were transferred to FCC and Southern making them surplus to requirement.


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*if you have issues with the unit number showing 999999 please Redownload the pack*