Class 395 – Southeastern 10 Years

Class 395 – Southeastern 10 Years

13th December 2019 4 By Clowes

3 variants of Southeastern’s ‘10 Years of highspeed’ livery. The first being 395015 with its striking yellow sections and nose decals. The second is for 002 and 018, which have the logo on the MS1 and MS4 vehicles. Last but not least, are the few that only have nose decals.
An additional MS is provided for a custom interior. This is part of the included PreLoads.

What’s included?
The aforementioned liveries.
3 PreLoads:
10 Years (Full) – referring to 015
10 Years (MS) – referring to 002 and 018
10 Years (Regular) – for the few with only nose decals

London to Faversham

Recommended (Not a necessity)
Class 395 Sound Mod

Massive thank you to BodgeItTMD for the child objects. Without his assistance this skin would definitely not have been released on the anniversary!