Class 365 Announcement Pack v1.0

Class 365 Announcement Pack v1.0

2nd May 2020 8 By stelepe

Contained within is a collection of PIS announcement sound samples from a class 365.

A template ScenarioScript.lua file is included to get you started and in the ReadMe is a link to a video tutorial to help you script announcements into your scenarios.

All stations between Kings’s Cross and Peterborough are included as well as some ‘Special Announcements’ not everyone has ever heard.

The sound quality isn’t crystal clear but I’ve put a lot of time and effort into making these, as well as organising a visit to Hornsey depot to record the ‘Special Announcements’.

PLEASE NOTE, I am aware that some announcements play louder and quieter than others, all audio files are the same volume, it seems to be something with Train Sim that causes it. I’m not sure why it does it but it does.