Class 27 Sound Patch

Class 27 Sound Patch

3rd May 2021 10 By CSWalker

This sound patch replaces the default Engine Run sound and the default Horn sound to the DTG Class 27 locomotive. Also volume tweaks have been made to the rail joint, rail squeal and brake hiss sounds so that they are less obtrusive.

The default scripting of the Class 27 contains only one sound file and one key input for the horn. I do not have any scripting experience whatsoever, so I’m unable to script a horn that operates with two key presses (hi and lo horn). Therefore the new horn sound is still operated by one key press (SPACE). The new horn is from the Class 27001 real-life locomotive.

The default engine run sound scripting uses only one sound file for the entire range of throttle (1-100%) and is less than two seconds long, which is repetitively looped. The new engine run sound in this patch is a ten second loop from the Class 27024 real-life locomotive. The final result is not ideal, but is arguably better than the short default loop that DTG uses.

This sound patch should work with any Class 27 reskin.