Class 158 Scotrail Vultron Destinations

Class 158 Scotrail Vultron Destinations

12th November 2019 0 By Chris Horsfield

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This pack contains brand new destination textures for the ScotRail (Saltire livery ONLY) Class 158 DMU, in
the old style Vultron display type.
These were all individually done by painstakingly making the correct shapes for each letter, then adjoining
letter by letter each of the destinations which are available. A lot of patience was exhausted in creating
these, believe me!
These particular displays were on Units 158782, 158786, 158789, 158867, 158868, 158869, 158870, and
158871, which have now moved on to pastures new with Northern Rail, transferring South in Late
2018/Early 2019.
All of the destinations and their assignments are listed below, and mirror the previous destination pack I
did, with the LED destination displays.

Class 159 Network Southeast DMU
Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack

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