Class 158 EMT/EMR Destinations Update v2.0

Class 158 EMT/EMR Destinations Update v2.0

6th October 2020 1 By Chris Horsfield

A general textures update for the Class 158 in the EMT (AP EP) and ex-EMT (Clowes reskin required) liveries. Included are updates to the old Vultron display screens (often referred to as segmented), and the newer TrainFX display screens that are pretty much common place on the majority of Class 158’s up and down the country.

Within the scenario editor, those vehicles with ‘TFX’ in the title indicate they have the newer TrainFX display screen.
Destinations are almost the same assignments as provided by the AP EP’s, but there a few exceptions.

List of updated destinations and assignments is provided.


Class 159 Network Southeast DMU (Steam)
Class 158 Enhancement Packs (AP)
Class 158 ex-EMT (ATS/Clowes)

Updated 21/05/2024 to remove the requirement for the Plawwie patch. – Preloads are included.