Class 156 TrainFX Update

Class 156 TrainFX Update

27th October 2019 0 By Chris Horsfield

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This is the new version of my Class 156 TrainFX destinations patch. The previous packs I felt were not good enough, and the destinations were not very visible from a distance, you needed to be practically sitting on the screen to read them! With a new technique, they are now much more visible and look better than before!

I have put all 3 of them (East Midlands, Northern and Scotrail) into the one package to save my uploading time and your downloading time!

Installation is the usual way, Assets into Railworks, overwrite etc.

Class 156 DMU Pack
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Greater Anglia (Optional Patch) removed due to them being categorically wrong; and not adhering to what was asked of me.