Chatham Mainline Scenarios Revamped

Chatham Mainline Scenarios Revamped

30th December 2022 4 By Thomas Oates

This scenario collection takes the eight scenarios included with the Chatham Mainline route and revamps them to use Armstrong Powerhouse rolling stock. Minor changes have also been made to scenario timings, and in a handful of cases different units were used as the default units would not be able to work that service in real life. Weather patterns have also been changed to ones from the Armstrong Powerhouse Sky and Weather Pack, and all trains have correct destination indications throughout.

DLC Requirements:

Chatham Mainline
Southeastern Class 465
ECML: London to Peterborough

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 375/77 Enhancement Pack
Class 465 Enhancement Pack Vol. 1
Class 319 Electric Multiple Unit Pack
Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack