[CH] 4L92 13:04 Ditton F.L.T. – Felixstowe North F.L.T. (2019)

[CH] 4L92 13:04 Ditton F.L.T. – Felixstowe North F.L.T. (2019)

2nd June 2023 3 By 45596 Bahamas

This is a scenario for the West Coast Mainline Midlands & Northwest route available on ATS.

Approx length: 95 minutes.

You begin this scenario outside Garston container terminal, after taking over from another loco which brought the train up from Ditton. You are working the 13:04 Ditton to Felixstowe, which in this scenario you’ll only be taking as far as Stafford. The train you will be pulling is formed of 26 AP FSA container flats all loaded with goods for the globe. Enjoy the sights the WCML has to offer as you race to the south before snaking through Basford hall yard and waiting for faster trains to pass. Enjoy.


AP Class 66 EP
AP Class 86 EP
AP Class 90
AP Class 350 EP
AP FTA/FSA Wagon pack
ATS Class 66 LED Lights Pack
MJW 390 Revamp
MJW “Useful scenario tools”

NON-ESSENTIAL Requirements:

AP JNA-C Wagon
Settle – Carlisle

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