[CH] 0Z89 11:26 Soho L.M.D. – Barrow Hill L.I.P.

[CH] 0Z89 11:26 Soho L.M.D. – Barrow Hill L.I.P.

15th May 2021 9 By 45596 Bahamas

89001 has been at Soho for testing and other bits and bobs. It is your task to take it back to Barrow Hill with 37884, from Sheet Stores Junction to Barrow Hill Roundhouse. Once you are at Barrow Hill, you will be required to complete some shunting tasks around the yard. Working as per real life (06/05/21).


AP Class 37 Vol. 1
AP Class 56 EP
AP Class 66 EP
AP Class 156
AP Class 158 EP (Cummins)
AP CLass 170 EP
AP FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
DTG Class 89
JT Class 220/221 ‘Voyager’
JT Midland Mainline (Derby, Nottingham Leicester/Erewash Valley, Barrow Hill Round House, Derby – Sheffield)
VP Class 89 Reskin Pack

Items listed below are NOT Essential and are static objects:

AP BZA/BAA Wagon Pack
AP JNA-C Wagon Pack
AP MK1 Coach Pack Vol. 1
DTG Class 08 (BR Blue)
DTG Class 33
DTG Doncaster Works
JT Class 60
Kuju European Loco & Asset Pack
VP Preserved Deltic Pack

Whilst the scenario will work without the products listed above, it is recommended you own them for realism within the scenario.

Any issues, leave a comment below.