[CH] 09:10 Carlisle – London Euston (1962)

[CH] 09:10 Carlisle – London Euston (1962)

29th July 2021 2 By 45596 Bahamas

This is a scenario for SteamSoundsSupreme’s “Stainmore, Shap & Eden valley” route.

Working a typical BR Midland region timetable, take Ex-LMS Jubilee No. 45627 “Sierra Leone” up and over shap from Penrith to Burton & Holme calling at Oxenholme only. Don’t forget to turn the heating on as it can get pretty chilly around this area of the world!

Do your best to attack the 1:100 up to Shap. Enjoy.


AP Class 40 Loco Pack
AP MK1 Coach Pack
BMG Stanier “Black 5”
BMG 5XP Jubilee
BMG 6P “Royal Scot”
DTG Weardale & Teesdale
SSS Stainmore, Shap & Eden Valley Route
SSS 9F Enhancement
Victory Works WD 2-8-0

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