[CB] LNER Scenario Pack 1

[CB] LNER Scenario Pack 1

28th August 2019 33 By CrankyBot

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**Patchnote 01/09 ~ Fixed Scenario 1 & 17c that had AI Collisions. Reinstall & overwrite when prompted**

Now introducing the LNER Scenario Pack (1) comprised of 29 scenarios worth up to 48 hours (or so) of gameplay for you to enjoy and challenge yourselves to. Featuring services in the Southern, Northern and Scottish regions of the ECML embarking the Class 43 HST sets or the 91/MK4 DVT locos whilst traversing the curves and timetables of the East Coast Mainline.

[Most Likely FAQs]:
~ Q: Will the ECML Merge-based scenarios work if I don’t have it?
~ A: No. It is a required route for those particular scenarios, fear not if you do not have it though as I also provided scenarios for the WCML North Merge & the EDG – Glasgow Electrified Route

~ Q: Where are scenarios 3, 4, 14, 19 & 20?
~ A: There’s special reasons as to why these aren’t included that I will explain below;
So with Scenarios 3 & 4 these are scenarios based on services to & from Leeds and as the Leeds Lines will be merged with the ECML in the upcoming future I will be holding back on it until then. As for 14 which is the Flying Scotsman/1E01 service the route has issues with direct services between Newcastle & KGX so I will plan accordingly and release it along with 3 & 4 in a “Bonus Pack”. As for 19 & 20 I was on holiday at the end of Scenario 18s production & testing, so I wanted to get it out albeit it ended up being a failed release (now rectified!).

~ Q: Why do you have a few of the same trains by different authors?
~ A: To put it simply I acquired more realistic products (i.e 158 Cummins) mid-progress of the LNER Pack but rather than removing (say the S9BL or RSC 158) those older models I included them in as others may not have the same requirements as I have listed below this FAQ

~ Q: I have an issue with a particular scenario
~ A: Please specify which scenario & what the issue is (video/photos also help me greatly with identifying the issue)

~ Q: What’s next?
~ A: Something south… and underground…

~ SpeedyPete’s ECML Merge [ATS]
~ SpeedyPete’s WCML North Merge [ATS/XCRoute]
~ Joethefish’s Edinburgh – Glasgow Electrified [STEAM WORKSHOP]

~ AP’s Wherry Lines [STEAM]
~ DTG’s BR Blue Diesal Electric Pack (Pack02) [STEAM]
~ DTG’s South Wales Coastal (Either) [STEAM] + RSRail’s GBRf_FEA Reskin [ATS]
~ DTG’s Bristol – Swansea Route [STEAM] + RFletcher72’s JNA Network Rail Reskin [DPS]
~ DTG’s Bristol – Swansea Route [STEAM] + RFletcher72’s SWC Container Texture Patch [DPS]
~ DTG’s Midland Mainline Route [STEAM]
~ keithmross’ WCML Over Shap [STEAM] + CW’s WCML Over Shap Caledonian Sleeper MK3 Reskin [Caledonian Railworks]
~ Oovee’s MJA Wagon Pack [STEAM] + RFletcher72’s IOA Network Rail Reskin [DPSimulation]
~ Oovee’s MJA Pack [STEAM] + RFletcher72’s MJA GBRf Reskin [DPSimulation]
~ Oovee’s TEA Pack [STEAM]
~ Nobkins’ UKTS Freeware UK Wagons Pack [TrainSimDev]
~ Nymr1’s Drax Biomass Wagons [AlanThomsomSim]
~ Thomson Interactive’s West Highland Extension Route [STEAM]
~ Thomson’s West Coast Mainline Trent Valley [STEAM]

~ AP’s Class 43 MTU EP [Armstrong Powerhouse] + Clowes’ HST LNER Reskin Pack [ATS] + Clowes’ Abellio ScotRail HST “7 Cities” Reskin [AlanThomsonSim]
~ AP’s Class 43 VP185 EP [Armstrong Powerhouse]
~ RSC’s Class 52 [STEAM]
~ RSC’s Class 66 EWS (Pack03) & Freightliner V2.0 (Pack02) [STEAM] + AP’s Class 66 EP [AP] + RFletcher72’s FL V2.0 Replace Texture 1 & 2 Reskin [DPSimulation]
~ RSC’s Class 67 [STEAM]
~ DTG’s Class 68 ScotRail [STEAM]
~ AP/W’s Class 90/MK3 DVT [Armstrong Powerhouse + STEAM]
~ DTG’s & RSC’s Class 91 [STEAM] + AP’s Class 91/MK4 DVT Enhancement Pack [AP] + BHReskin’s IC 225 LNER Reskin Pack [AlanThomsonSim] + JamesIvell’s 91119 Reskin [ATS]
~ RSC’s Class 92 [STEAM] + AP’s Class 92 Sound Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
~ AP/W’s Class 142 [Armstrong Powerhouse]
~ Thomson_Oovee’s Class 150/2 [DISCONTINUED] + Superalbs’ Class 150/2 ARN Reskin [Superalbs]
~ JT’s Class 153 [JustTrains]
~ Oovee’s Class 156 [STEAM] + Superalbs’ Class 156 Arriva Northern Reskin [Superalbs] + Superalbs’ Class 156 East Midlands Trains Reskin [Superalbs] + DPS’ Class 156 ScotRail Saltire Reskin [DPSimulation]
~ RSC’s Liverpool to Manchester Route [STEAM] + RFletcher72’s Class 158 EMT Reskin [DPS]
~ S9BL’s Class 158 [STEAM] + Superalbs’ Class 158 Arriva Northern Reskin [Superalbs]
~ RSC’s Class 159 [STEAM] + AP’s Class 158 (C) Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
~ Thomson’s Class 170 [STEAM] + AP’s Class 170 Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse] + MajorWalesDesign’s Class 170 Arriva Northern Reskin [Major Wales Design]
~ DTG’s Class 180 [STEAM]
~ RSC’s Great Eastern Mainline Route [STEAM] + JF’s Class 185 Desiro Pack v1.2 [Fuller-Sim]
~ JT’s Class 220/221 Voyager Pack (2019) [JustTrains]
~ AP/W’s Class 313 [Armstrong Powerhouse] + Guterbahnhof’s 313 Weathered Reskin [GBHF]
~ AP/W’s Class 314/315 [Armstrong Powerhouse]
~ DTG’s Class 455/8 [STEAM] + SG’s Class 318 ScotRail Reskin [Surburban Glasgow]
~ AP’s Class 321 [Armstrong Powerhouse] + MaxMortimer’s Class 321 Northern Reskin [ATS]
~ RSC’s Class 325 [STEAM] + KevButler66’s Class 325 Royal Mail Plain Red Reskin [ATS]
~ DTG’s Portsmouth Direct Line Extended [STEAM] + AP’s Class 350 Enhancement Pack [AP]
~ RSC’s ECML South Route (Class 365) [STEAM] + Rfletcher72’s Class 365 GN Reskin [DPS]
~ TotalizeMedia’s Class 380/GARL [STEAM] + Ash992478’s Abellio ScotRail Reskin [VP]
~ RSC’s South London Network Route [STEAM] + Superalb’s Class 387 Great Northern Reskin [Superalbs]
~ RSC’s Brighton Mainline [STEAM] + ATS’ Class 700/707/717 Desiro Pack [AlanThomsonSim]
~ DTG’s Class 800 [STEAM] + KevButler66’s Class 800 LNER Azuma Reskin [AlanThomsomSim]