[CB] Hertford Loop V0.7

[CB] Hertford Loop V0.7

17th July 2019 18 By CrankyBot

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For those who do or don’t remember I uploaded Hertford Loop v0.5 back in 2017 onto the Workshop, I was planning to do V1 up to Gordon Hill but Grange Park was what forced me to quit due to the low elevation & platform slopes etc. Henceforth in light of Matt’s upcoming Hertford Loop I will release V0.7 which will feature 0.5s Palmers Green & this versions Winchmore Hill (and a bit beyond to Grange Park). I do not plan on updating this route (as per Matt’s upcoming route) nor are there any scenarios for it.

The Hertford Loop V0.7 features scenary that RSC left out (somewhat realistic to 2017 Google Map standards) between Bowes Park and Winchmore Hill.

– RSC’s ECML South
– Kuju’s Euro Loco & Assets
– DTG’s North London Line
– RSC’s London Faversham Route

Note – if (for some reason) you cannot download this route, try this link: