Carlisle To Settle – BR Blue Class 40 Passenger Service

Carlisle To Settle – BR Blue Class 40 Passenger Service

26th January 2020 0 By Wakeless

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Scenario title: [csw] Carlisle to Settle CL40

16:18 1M16 Class 40 passenger service from Carlisle to Leeds. Drive the first shift of this journey from Carlisle to Settle calling at Appleby. Another driver will take over at Settle to continue the journey to Leeds. Set during autumn 1978.

Historical Note: During 1970 all stations except Appleby and Settle were closed down on this route and not re-opened until 1986. Passenger services were cut to two trains a day in each direction. These facts have been depicted in this scenario.

Medium difficulty standard scenario for the DTG Settle to Carlisle route. Duration is 1hr 30mins. Train AI is based on the British Rail period during 1978 in England.

DLC Required:
DTG Settle to Carlisle route
DTG WCML Over Shap route
DTG BR Blue Pack
DTG BR Blue Class 20 Add-On Livery (requires BR Class 20 Loco Add-On)
DTG European Loco and Asset Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 40 Locomotive
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 40 Extra Stock
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack Vol.1
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2A-C Coach Pack
Vulcan Productions BR Blue Class 47 Pack – Pre 1985 (requires Armstrong Powerhouse Class 47 Sound Pack Pro)
Vulcan Productions BR Blue Class 20 Pack (requires Armstrong Powerhouse Class 20 Sound Pack Pro)
DP Simulation Class 25 ‘Domino’ Texture Patch (headcode will display meaningless numbers if not installed)

Optional DLC:
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky And Weather Enhancement Pack (scenario will default to DTG weather if not installed)
DP Simulation ‘Route Occlusion Upgrades By Fodda’ – ‘Settle to Carlisle (RSC Version)’. (Found under ‘scenery’ tab on DP Simulation website)

How To Install
Drag, move or copy ‘Content’ folder to your ‘Railworks’ folder.