Cambrian Route 1960s (Steam) Shrewsbury to Pwllheli and Aberystwyth

Cambrian Route 1960s (Steam) Shrewsbury to Pwllheli and Aberystwyth

5th May 2022 26 By Matthew Powell

Created in Train simulator for the Cambrian line 1960s that goes from Shrewsbury, Welshpool, Newtown all stations to Machynlleth then the line spits, one going to Aberysyth and the other going to Pwhelli with passing loops and portals so you can create your own scenios for the 1960s and features the dukedog GWR Loco that can be used on the route and the carriages from Exeter to Kingswear route, created from the cambrian line modern version since September 2021 and completed May 2022 redone from the books that i brought to create the route from Middleton press books, does not feature the Minsterley, Snailbeach and kerry branch but the stations are 1960s style to the best of my abity. Includes custom assets Pwhelli canopy from Dimcore and signage from paul williams.
The cambrian line 2010 modern will be tempory down until i reduce the requiments by end of 2022 Q4

Hope you enjoy the route

Change log
-Changed the fencing from WCML Fencing between machynlleth and Shrewsbury to Exeter to bristol fencing
-Speed limits are 4AS Signage
-Signalling are from Yelland and some of the Exeter to Kingswear route
-Platforms are from Exeter to Barnstaple route from DP simulations between Machynlleth and Pwhelli only
-Edit Free roam Aberysyth, Pwhelli, Porthmadog, Harlech, Barmouth, Towyn, Machynlleth, Newtown, Welshpool, Shrewsbury
-3 Standard scenios
Shrewsbury to Pwhelli (Steam sound supeme Manor) (Exeter to kingswear route for carriages) NO AL
Pwhelli to Shrewsbury (Exeter to kingswear route for carriages+Manor loco) NO AL
Pwhelli to Machynlleth Winter special

Route Requirements:
*4 Aspect Simulations/Cynex Railway Signage Pack – Make sure you have updated to the most recent version!

Western lines of scotland Port road
Train Sim Academy (Included with Train Simulator by default but ensure you haven’t manually uninstalled it)
Falmouth branch
*Return to Maerdy Austerity route add on (Track)
Marketplace Construction Scenery Pack
Settle and Carlisle
*Riviera Line in the Fifties: Exeter – Kingswear
Marketplace Platform Clutter Scenery Pack
Marketplace Town Scenery Pack
Woodhead Route
*Bristol to Exeter route
Corris route
West somerset railway
Bristol to Cardiff
WCML Trent Valley or West Highland Line for Flextrees

Steam Sounds Supreme:
*North yorkshire moors railway Pickering to grosmont

DP Simulation
Barnstaple to Exeter route
Glass Panel Pack
Glass Shelter Pack
Signal Box Pack
Warehouse Pack
Station Fence Pack
Retaining Wall

British Locomotion studios
BR Western Region Posters Pack 1950’s/60’s
GWR poster pack

UK TrainSim:
Freeware Scenic Assets Packs (ALL) (also available from TS Dev:​)
(Block and lofts, Clutter, Foliage, Housing, Railway buildings)

In file with permissions
SDR-CLS Widewander
Platforms – Atomic danny
LBW_Bridges/assets-Light blue world
Cambrian 1960s-All station signage
Bluebell railway canopy GWR Reskin
Custom assets-Dimcore-Cambria
Point rodding -Karma99
Fence road pack -Rivimey
Bridges-Chaddock engineering
GWR scenic assets – Decapod
GWR station names – MOGGIE
BR signalling -Yelland
East somerset railway – Platforms
GordonMack-Barmouth station/Junction
With thanks
Dimcore for the Aberystwyth canopy, Station totem/Pwhelli canopy
Paul williams for the station signage