(BL) 4L79 16:13 Wilton F.L.T to Felixstowe North F.L.T 1996

(BL) 4L79 16:13 Wilton F.L.T to Felixstowe North F.L.T 1996

5th June 2023 4 By LangtonPhotography

A 100 minute scenario for the DPSimulations North East England V3 route, and my first freight scenario that sees you drive one of the loadhaul class 56s that appeared on this working during 1996 on a heavy freightliner train towards York on a lovely Autumnal afternoon with plenty of chance to really work the class 56. It will not be all smooth sailing however as the train left Wilton late and you are expected to lose more time as you work around the passenger timetables.

The main requirements needed for this scenario to perform correctly are:

Armstrong Powerhouse:

Class 56 EP
Class 158 EP (both the Cummins and Perkins packs are recommended for this scenario)
Class 91/Mk4 EP
Class 37 (Vol.1 & 2)
Class 43 HST EP (valenta)
FSA/FTA Wagon pack
BAA/BZA Wagon pack
TDA-D Wagon pack
Mk1 coaching stock pack
Weather v2


Class 91/Mk4 improvements patch

Just trains:

Class 153
Class 60


Associated requirements for the 3rd party content
European Loco and assets pack (for class 47)
Class 92 (for wagons)

Major Wales Design:

Class 153 Revamp pack

Please see the included manual for requirements for other AI and static AI that are there to enhance the experience, as well as more details in regards to the scenario.

Copy the Content folder included within the zip, and paste it into your Railworks directory. This can be found via Steam -> Steamapps -> Common -> Railworks. Upon completion, you should be able to find this scenario under the standard tab within the game.

This scenario was made utilising the September 1996 timetable from the Network rail working timetable archives and dates back to before I was around to experience the railway during this time period, so despite the odd delay I have tried my best to use the WTT as accurately as I can and trains have been formed with inspiration from Flickr and YouTube and what I have available in the sim.

Scenario made by Bradley Langton / Langtonphotography