(BL) 2J52 06:47 Leeds to Huddersfield

(BL) 2J52 06:47 Leeds to Huddersfield

20th October 2022 1 By LangtonPhotography

A scenario based around 2016 before Transpennine express took over the Leeds/Huddersfield local stopping services, you have Northern’s 158861 for a run through to Huddersfield, it’s early morning and the weather is awful, but all being well it should be a fairly straight forward run.


Armstrong Powerhouse
*Cummins & Perkins class 158 enhancement packs
And associated requirements
*MTU class 43 HST enhancement pack
And associated requirements
*Class 150/2 multiple unit pack
*Class 91/mk4 enhancement pack
And associated requirements
*Class 321 multiple unit pack
Class 142 pacer pack

*Class 153

Major Wales Designs
*Class 153 revamp
Class 155 NR pack
Ex northern class 142

*Class 185
*VTEC & LNER 225 set pack
*Class 322 Northern (UB)
Class 144 MSL
All relevant destination packs recommended

BH Reskins
*Northern rail class 155 (old version)
Class 333

Class 144

Riviera line (for class 143)
ECMLS (for class 365)

* – Required for the scenario to perform as it should

This scenario is based in 2016 but the timetable used is the current 2022 timetable found on Realtime trains.
Any problems leave a comment on the download page.

Credits: – Bradley Langton / Langton Photography