(BL) 2B02 08:26 Doncaster to Leeds [2010]

(BL) 2B02 08:26 Doncaster to Leeds [2010]

6th March 2023 7 By LangtonPhotography

A throwback to the summer of 2010 for run to Leeds utilising the ever-vibrant Northern rail liveried 321 on a stopping service from Doncaster, a straight forward run however as usual East coast are running with a few delays so there will be a few signals to watch out for enroute. Scenario set in 2010.


Armstrong Powerhouse:

*Class 321 multiple unit pack
*Class 158 EP (both the *Cummins and Perkins packs are recommended for this scenario)
*Class 91/Mk4 EP
Class 150 (both the 150/1 and 150/2 are featured)
Class 67 EP
*Class 43 HST EP (MTU & VP185)
Class 142 Multiple Unit Pack
HHA Wagon pack
TDA Wagon pack
*Weather EP (2.0)
*Signal EP


*Class 185
*Class 144 MSL
Relevant destination display patches

BH Reskins:

Class 333 reskins
*Northern rail class 155

Just trains:

*Class 153


Associated requirements for the 3rd party content
*Class 180


*Northern rail Class 144


*Northern rail class 321 reskin

* – Essential for the scenario to perform correctly

See the included Scenario manual for installation instructions

Scenario by Bradley Langton