(BL) 1B37 16:30 Blackpool North to York

(BL) 1B37 16:30 Blackpool North to York

15th February 2023 2 By LangtonPhotography

You join a Northern spirit liveried class 156 to drive the final portion of a Blackpool North to York service, calling at all main stations along the way. It is a bitterly cold evening and a few small delays to keep you on your toes but nothing major.


Armstrong Powerhouse:

*Class 156 multiple unit pack
*Class 158 EP (both the Cummins and Perkins packs are recommended for this scenario)
Class 91/Mk4 EP
Class 56 EP
Class 67 EP
*Class 43 HST EP (Valenta)
*Class 325 EP
Class 142 Multiple Unit Pack
HAA Wagon pack
*Weather EP
*Signal EP

BH Reskins
Class 333 reskins

Just trains

Associated requirements for the 3rd party content

* = essential for the scenario to work as intended

This scenario was made utilising the 2004 December timetable from the Network rail working timetable archives

See the included manual for how to install.