[BB] 5C77/2C77 Harrogate – Leeds (2023)

[BB] 5C77/2C77 Harrogate – Leeds (2023)

31st July 2023 3 By bulletpunch

Thanks for downloading my scenario!

You join a pair of 150/2’s on their service between Harrogate and Leeds. You have a considerable wait in the sidings at Harrogate before getting on your way. So please feel free to use A-sync keys or find another way to kill time. However, Be vigilant as it will not be a clear run as you are following another service all the way to Leeds. Enjoy!


OTS Harrogate Loop V2 (And its dependencies)

AP 150/2
AP 158 Cummins EP
AP 170 EP
AP 91 EP
AP Weather EP (Cloud EP is optional too)
ATS/Imbue Class 185
ATS LNER/VTEC 91 reskin pack
ATS 158 Northern reskin pack
MJW 170 Northern reskin.

Thanks for downloading!