[BB] 1S45 Plymouth – Glasgow Central (2023)

[BB] 1S45 Plymouth – Glasgow Central (2023)

5th June 2023 4 By bulletpunch

Today you find yourself in the driving seat of 1S45 between Doncaster and Leeds. Due to ongoing engineering works between chesterfield and Derby. XC services are being diverted via Erewash, And therefore, a large portion are going via Doncaster too. You have a lengthy wait at Wakefield today (13 mins), So feel free to use a-sync keys to speed up time. There isn’t too much traffic on the line today as it is a Sunday Evening.


Update 06/06/2023:
Fixed problem with the player train being directed into Platform 8 at Leeds

Optional requirements will be hinted with ‘*’

Leeds lines 2.0
Class 185*
MK3 Sliding door pack*
LNER 225 Reskin pack

Class 73 pack*

Class 150/2
Class 150/1EP
Class 220/221SP*
Class 66EP
Class 67EP*
FSA Pack
Modern wagon SP*
Class 80X EP
Class 91 EP
Class 170EP*
Class 465/466EP vol 2*
Class 43 MTU EP*

Just Trains:
Voyager Pack
Chiltern Mainline*

Train Sim Community:
HYA pack*
GBRF 66 Mega pack

Class 08 revamp*
Class 150/0
Class 170 Northern Reskin