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1st April 2021 2 By LMTrains

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Route: WCML Missing Link Midlands & North West

Description: You are tasked with taking 5G72 from just outside Crewe through to Wolverhampton, and with the West Coast Mainline, no two days are the same…

DTG Class 390 (Discontinued) + AP Class 390 Sound Pack + BH Reskins 390 Pack (Available here on ATS)
DTG Class 68 + AP Class 68 Enhancement Pack
WCML Trent Valley + WCML Trent Valley Container Branding Pack (UKTrainSim File ID: 34638)
RSC Class 92 Pack + AP Class 92 SOund Pack + Extra Stock
AP Class 90/MK3 Pack + Bodge It T.M.D. Class 90 Grand Central (Alan Thomson Sim)
RSC Class 66 Pack 02/03 + AP Class 66 Enhancment Pack + GBRf 2017/2018 (Alan Thomson Sim)
Just Trains Voyager Advanced + 2019 Update
AP Class 350 Enhancement Pack
Manchester Stations to Huddersfield Route (Alan Thomsom Sim)
DTG Class 175 + AP 175 Enhancement Pack + TfW 175 Reskin (MajorWalesDesign)

INSTALLATION: Drag and drop the ‘Contents’ folder into your Railworks route folder.