Azuma to Doncaster

Azuma to Doncaster

20th May 2019 7 By Michael Shields

Good afternoon driver, on this run you will be driving one of LNERs newly introduced Class 800 “Azuma “. You will be operating as far as Doncaster. Everything along the way seems to be fine, enjoy the run. If you are having issues with downloading it just use the ATS installer or change to Winrar people seem to be having better luck with them

Route Required

Leeds Lines: Leeds to Doncaster – Alan Thomson Sim

Stock Required

Class 800 LNER – Alan Thomson Sim

Class 91 LNER Pack – Alan Thomson Sim

Class 43 HST LNER Pack – Alan Thomson Sim

Class 185 DMU – Alan Thomson Sim

Class 43 MTU EP – Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 91 EP – Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 142 DMU – Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 220 Advanced Voyager – Just Trains

Static Ai Required

Class 43 Scotrail 7 Cities – Alan Thomson Sim

MK3 Sliding Doors XC GWR – Alan Thomson Sim

91119 From Alan Thomson Sim