Ayrshire and Inverclyde Lines

Ayrshire and Inverclyde Lines

7th June 2021 12 By Sean Duff

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This is the Ayrshire and Inverclyde Lines from Glasgow Central to Ayr, Largs, and Ardrossan as well as the lines to Gourock and Weymss Bay(Inverclyde Lines). This is the 1st phase of the Ayrshire Lines from Paisley to Kilwinning with stations at Milliken Park, Howwood, Lochwinnoch, Glengarnock, Dalry and Kilwinning taking in around 26 miles from Glasgow to Kilwinning

As has been said this is the 1st phase of the route with scenery between Paisley and Kilwinning, the trackwork etc is complete down to Ayr, Largs and Ardrossan but currently has no scenery between Kilwinning and Ayr, Largs and Ardrossan.

The Phases are as follows
1st Phase: Paisley to Kilwinning
2nd Phase: Scenery from Kilwinning to Ayr
3rd Phase: Scenery from Kilwinning to Largs and Ardrossan
4th Phase: Start work on the Inverclyde section of route from Paisley to Gourock
5th Phase: Scenery from Port Glasgow to Weymss Bay

This route will be a constant WIP route with each new phase completed then requiring a redownload,

Requirements are as follows:
GARL (Base route) This is a mandatory requirement without this the route wont work as the route is basically and extension of this route.
DRB_Simstuff- Signals
West Highland Mainline South-Foilage
West Highland Extension-Foilage
Just Trains SECML-Trackside detail
ECMLS-Buildings, Clutter
TS Academy
Edinburgh to Glasgow
West Coast Mainline North
West Coast Mainline over Shap
UKTS Freeware Packs

There is hopefully plenty of potential with scenarios from Ayr stoppers to Ayr Fasts as well as Largs and Ardrossan semi fast and freight.

There are a few known issues, one being wires missing at the beginning of the route and 1 or 2 erroneous signals which i hope maybe one of the community could maybe help me out with because it has me stumped .

A huge thanks to Thomson Interactive for allowing me to use the GARL route as the base route.

Any Issues or problems then you can message me from within the fb group.