ASR/FSR Class 158-170 Pack

ASR/FSR Class 158-170 Pack

6th December 2022 12 By Chris Horsfield

This pack is a replacement for the Class 170 Scotrail reskin pack, that was on VP, and is “no longer available”.
It contains updates and more variables, and also updates the Class 158 FSR/ASR liveries, and no longer requires the “Plawwie” patch from MJW, that seemed to create issues for some users previously.


  • Gaelic text on one side of the ASR 158 DMSL vehicle, as per reality
  • HD destination displays for both 158 and 170, which work in unison with each other when coupled together
  • The 170 DMCL now have a yellow “1” on the outer end doors denoting First Class
  • Abellio and “Living wage” stickers on the doors where applicable on the 170
  • Gaelic text on the 170 MSL vehicle, as per reality
  • Unbranded variants included for ASR and FSR/ex-FSR on both the 158 and 170 respectively (Denoted by ‘UB’ in preloads)
  • NHS, MND, and BTP liveries included, as well as an all blue livery which was worn on some units from circa 2016/2017
  • Destination list provided at the end of the manual
  • Preloads for all variants included

A batch file is included for easy installation, and MUST be run in order for this pack to work.


Class 159 Network Southeast DMU (Steam)
Class 170 Turbostar (Steam)
Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
* Ensure you have the latest version of the required AP EP’s.

Clowes, for his permission to include his unreleased all blue 170 livery.
Ollie Greenhalgh, for his permission to include his BTP 170 livery.