AP Class 91/MK4 Extra Passenger View Cameras

AP Class 91/MK4 Extra Passenger View Cameras

19th October 2020 0 By ChiefJack

This patch adds four more passenger view camera positions to the AP Class 91/MK4 Enhancement Pack; taking the total to six. Installation details and requirements can be found below.

This patch was requested by Alfie Guinea. If you have any requests for more patches like this, please message me on Facebook (Jack Hales), or leave a comment below.

1) Copy the Assets folder and paste it into your Railworks folder.

Note: A backup of the original passenger view camera .bin file is included in the download, should you wish to revert to the original.

MANUAL DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xq4b3ffBkUdW0LHPGiOai7wNNvg9sP3a/view?usp=sharing

Steam: InterCity Class 91 Loco Add-On
Armstrong Powerhouse: Class 91/Mk4 Enhancement Pack