After The Party

After The Party

14th August 2021 6 By LMTrains

[LMTrains] After The Party

Route: DPS East Coast Mainline South

Description: It’s a Sunday afternoon, and the Nene Valley Railway Diesel Gala has come to a conclusion. You are in charge of Hanson + Hall 50008 in Laira Blue with GBRf’s 66782 for company, both of which are needing to be returned to Peterborough Yard for sorting.

Duration: 30 minutes

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 50 Pack
RSC Class 66 Pack 02/03/05 + AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack + GBRf 2018+ Reskin Pack (ATS)
RSC Class 70 + MJA Wagons + Richard Fletcher GBRf MJA Wagon Reskin (DP Simulation)
Master Key Simulations Class 73 Pack + Vulcan Productions Class 73 Pack
Just Trains RHTT Wagon Pack
RSC Class 91 Pack + AP Class 91 Enhancement Pack + InterCity 225 LNER/VTEC Pack (ATS)
DTG Class 801 Pack + LNER Class 801 Reskin (ATS)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 365 Enhancement Pack
DTG Class 180 Pack
DTG Class 08 EWS & Freightliner Pack

*Please Note: My Scenarios are intended to be as realistic as possible, within the constraints of the Train Sim 2020 game. Unfortunately this means that sometimes the scenario will not register stops correctly and give you a ‘Scenario Incomplete’ at the end as a consequence. There is nothing I can do about this, be assured that my
scenarios are extensively tested. The aim is to create a realistic scenario for you to enjoy, not to create a scenario you can pass easily/at all*

INSTALLATION: Drag and drop the ‘Contents’ folder into your Railworks route folder.