A Dufferent Duty

A Dufferent Duty

21st March 2021 0 By LMTrains

A Different Duty – [TOL] 6K05 12:46 Carlisle New Yard to Crewe Basford Hall SSM

Description: In this scenario you are in charge of 6K05 1246 Carlisle N.Y. to Crewe Basford Hall S.S.M. from Carlisle through to Settle Junction. This is a particularly challenging scenario, as a freight train ahead is running very late owing to issues with the locomotive, so you will have to drive diligently. You will need a lot of route knowledge in order to risk not having a SPAD en route, as signals vary in distance along the entire route and can easily catch you out, so this is a warning that this scenario is by far the hardest I’ve ever created – if you are up to a challenge, both from duration and activity, please do go ahead! This scenario gives a taste of what being a freight train driver can really be like, and aims to provide a difficult challenge. If you do decide to download, good luck.


DTG 68 + AP 68 EP + NENTA Headboard
RSC 66 Packs + AP 66 EP
AP JXA Wagon Pack + Ermewa Reskin (ATS)
AP JPA Wagon Pack
Settle to Carlisle Route (Steam)
AP Class 156 Pack
RSC Class 56 + AP 56 EP
DTG Class 390 + 390 Reskin Pack
AP MK2D-F Pack
Just Trains Class 221 Super Voyager + 2019 Update
CYNX ​[CW] 1Z04 15:46 Edinburgh – Norwich (3 PART SCENARIO) For NENTA Headboard (www.cynxs-stuff.com)
Backdated Trainsim Armstrong Powerhouse Statesman Rail Pullman Mk2 and Mk1 Pack
Backdated Trainsim Armstrong Powerhouse Northern Belle Pullman Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 Pack

INSTALLATION: Drag and drop the ‘Contents’ folder into your Railworks route folder.