9Z08 0710 Currock Depot to Kingmoor Yard

9Z08 0710 Currock Depot to Kingmoor Yard

27th March 2022 8 By Adam Haigh

Class 08 ‘Gronks’ were a common sight around the UK rail network until they were replaced by more wagons in fixed rakes and multiple units. Gronks were a very common sight in Carlisle until the late 2000s doing trip workings between the various yards around Citadel station.

This morning, you start at Carlisle Currock Depot to take a rake of newly repaired wagons to Kingmoor Yard via the avoiding line, where they’ll be marshalled into other trains. Then retiring back to Citadel station for further duties. Year: 1982.

35-minute scenario for WCML Over Shap on Steam.

Armstrong Powerhouse (and their dependencies):
– Weather EP;
– Class 37 Vol 2;
– Class 40;
– Class 86 EP;
– Class 101/117/121 SP;
– Mk1 coaches Vol 1;
– MGR wagons.

– VGA wagons.

– Class 08 BR Blue;
– Class 101 BR Blue;
– Class 370 APT;
– BR Blue Pack;
– BDA bolsters;
– VCA wagons;
– WCML Over Shap;
– Woodhead BR Blue.

Steam Sounds Supreme:
– Departmental Wagons Collection.