9P65 1143 London Euston to Blackpool North – Full Run

9P65 1143 London Euston to Blackpool North – Full Run

7th January 2021 9 By Sprinter158

Welcome aboard this Avanti West Coast Service from London to Blackpool. This is a full run scenario,
which is split into three parts…
Part 1 – London Euston to Birmingham New Street (WCML South)
Part 2 – Birmingham New Street to Preston (WCML “Missing Link”)
Part 3 – Preston to Blackpool North (Northern Lines Electric)

West Coast Mainline South
Chatham Mainline
Portsmouth Direct (Waterloo to Portsmouth)
Isle of Wight
Class 08 Add-on
Class 66 Add-on (EWS & Freightliner)
Class 92 Add-on

Armstrong Powerhouse
(and their dependancies)
Mark 1 Coach Pack
Class 156 Pack
Class 319 Pack (vol1)
Class 158 EP
Class 350 EP
Class 375/377 EP
Class 390 SP
Class 142 Pack
Class 66 EP
FSA Wagon Pack
JNA-C Wagon Pack
JPA Wagon Pack
Sky Weather EP

Just Trains
Voyager Advanced

Alan Thomson Simulation (and their dependancies)
Class 158 TFW reskin (Clowes)
Manchester to Huddersfield Route (PenninePacer)
Class 323 LM/WMR Destinations (Chris Horsfield)
Class 158 TrainFX Update (Chris Horsfield)
Class 156 TrainFX Update (Chris Horsfield)
West Coast Mainline Midlands and Northwest (aka – ‘Missing Link’)
Class 170 – West Midlands Trains (& Ex-London Midland) reskin (Clowes)

On Track Simulation
Northern Rails Electric

Major Wales Design
Class 390 Revamp pack

Class 323 Livery Pack

DP Simulation
Megafret ‘less co2’ reskin (Callum Green)
Class 66 ‘Bardon Aggregates (RFletcher72)

Class 483 London Underground Reskin (File No. 39808)