[86259] 1Z86 The Cumbrian Mountain Express (2021) Part 1

[86259] 1Z86 The Cumbrian Mountain Express (2021) Part 1

4th April 2022 3 By Bradleigh Ennis

Operated by West Coast Railways and promoted by The Railway Touring Company; The Cumbrian Mountain Express is a private charter train that operates several times per year, running from London Euston to Carlisle via the WCML. The train leaves London Euston behind electric traction, in the form of Class 86 No. 86259 ‘Les Ross’, taking the fast line all the way to Crewe via pick ups at Milton Keynes Central, Rugby and Nuneaton. Eventually the train passes through Warrington, Wigan, Preston before arriving into Carnforth late morning. Here, the AL6 detaches from the train (heads light engine to Preston) and steam traction takes over for last leg to Carlisle. The return journey see’s the train take the scenic Settle & Carlisle railway back to Preston, before Les Ross takes back charge for the fast run to the capital.

In this scenario you take charge of the AL6 locomotive from the originating point to Rugby, with a small layover stop at Milton Keynes Central to pick up more passengers and to allow an Avanti Pendolino pass. Its a miserable morning down south (yet they always say its grim up north!) but that shouldn’t stop you from changing those taps and maintaining a top speed. You have 12 coaches in tow for the journey today.

Timings for the charter has been taken from the 22nd May 2021 run, using Six bells Junction for timings. In reality, this train left Euston over 2 hours late due to an issue with the ECS and 86259 took the train straight to Carlisle.

All AI is taken from the May 2021 WTT, with AI on both the mainline and DC lines (Overground only). Wembley has been purposly left empty as to not strain PC’s too much, but depots have had static rolling stock placed.

AP Class 86 Enhancement pack
AP Mk1 Coaching pack Volume 1
Major Wales Class 390 Revamp Pack
AP Class 350 Enhancement pack
AP Class 319 pack volume 1**
Bossman Games Welsh Marches route and WCRC Class 47 branding pack (https://alanthomsonsim.com/downloads/bmg-class-47-wcrc-branding-patch/)*

*-This is not essential, the Class 47 is placed on the blocks at Euston having brought the ECS in and isn’t part of the consist.
**-Again not essential, static only.

Simply extract the .rwp file to your desktop and use TS Utilities (found in your Railworks folder) to install the .rwp file.

Part 1 – WCML South London Euston – Rugby (Released)
Part 2 – WCML Trent Valley Rugby – Stafford (Released)
Part 3 – WCML North West & Midlands (Released)
Part 4 – OTS Cumbrian Coast Preston – Carnforth (WIP)