6Z33 09:55 Fairwater Yard to Westbury Up Yard VQ (2006)

6Z33 09:55 Fairwater Yard to Westbury Up Yard VQ (2006)

1st April 2022 2 By Stenkil

Description: Due to the unavailability of the booked class 66 locomotive you will be working this freight service using the Freightliner branded class 47 locomotive in the ex-FGW green and gold livery. This locomotive, 47811 was in the vicinity of Taunton area on route learning duty and thus it was called in for replacement. You will need to perform some shunting procedures to form your entire consist at Fairwater and then run all the way to Westbury and park your train at the said siding.

Briefing: Good morning, driver you need to form your train at Fairwater Yard first and then head towards Westbury where your journey will end. Please obey all the signals and you need not press TAB to SPAD any. Instructions will pop up wherever necessary. Have a nice run.

Scenario name: [SSF] 6Z33 09:55 Fairwater Yard to Westbury Up Yard VQ
Route: JT’s South Western Expressways – Reading
Type: Standard
Tracton: 47811
Track covered: Fairwater Yard – Westbury
Duration: 70 – 75 minutes
Year: 2006


-GST Ballast Tamper pack

-Class 37 Vol.2 pack
-Class 43 EP
-Class 66 EP
-Class 150/2 pack
-Class 158 EP
-JNA-C wagon pack
-TDA-D wagon pack

-Fragonset 47 pack

-South Western Expressways – Reading
-JJA Autoballaster pack
-Voyager Adv 2019
-YGB Seacow pack

-Class 43 revamp pack
-Class 180 revamp pack

-59/1 – Hanson (https://silverwolftrainsim.wixsite.com/swts/class-59-1)

-Class 59/2 DBS
-Class 180
-Marketplace: YLA Mullet wagon pack
-Marketplace: EWS ZCA Sea Urchins ex VDA wagon Pack
-Marketplace: YQA Parr wagon pack
-Medway Valley Line
-Virgin Trains First Gen pack (discontinued)

-FP wagon pack
-FP classic diesel and electric pack

-FGW Class 47/8 Pack

Special thanks to Aaron Keith Smith for testing out this scenario.