6M68 1946 Drax Aes (Gbrf) to Liverpool Biomass Tml Gbf (2021)

6M68 1946 Drax Aes (Gbrf) to Liverpool Biomass Tml Gbf (2021)

17th March 2021 4 By Tkingy

At the moment the Drax fuel supply trains run during later hours overnight. This scenario is covering a Dusk evening move of taking empty wagons from Drax Power Station to Liverpool Biomass (between Huddersfield and Manchester Victoria).

Starting east of Huddersfield, you are due to have a smooth run across the Pennines apart from being Looped at Marsden for 2 services to pass.

The requirements for this scenario are;
• AP Class 66
• AP 158 Cummings pack
• Jake Fullers 185 pack V2.2
• Jake Fullers Drax Wagons
• AP class 150/2
• AP class 142
• AP HHA Wagons
• AP class 68
• DTG 180
• MJW 180 Revamp Pack
• TransPennine Nova 3 Mk5a Coach Pack for The Class 180 ‘Adelante’ V1.0

If there are any issues with this scenario, please use the comments section on the ATS website (I do
check regularly)

Thank you and enjoy!