6L06 0513 Cricklewood Nth End Yd – Barrington Exch Sdgs

6L06 0513 Cricklewood Nth End Yd – Barrington Exch Sdgs

21st September 2021 0 By Chris Horsfield

This scenario, set on Thursday 4th July 2019, depicts the 6L06 0513 Cricklewood North End Yard to Barrington Exchange Sidings at Foxton, with 66771 hauling 18 loaded GBRf MJA Wagons. The scenario begins at Ferme Park Sidings at 10am, and you will proceed Northbound when your path is given. As you are fully loaded, your train will be heavy, therefore consideration must be given when braking for any adverse signals that you may encounter. There will be a couple of stops on the way for pathing allowances, the first being at Hitchin Station, and then just after Hitchin. Upon arrival at Foxton station you must pull up to the end of the platform, before reversing into the Number 2 Exchange Siding at Barrington. All signals must be obeyed.



Alan Thomson Simulation:
Class 91/Mk4 Improvements Patch
Desiro City Pack (Class 700/717)
Goldstar Trains Tamper *
HST Improvement Patch
InterCity 225 LNER/VTEC Pack
King’s Lynn to King’s Cross
700155 Thameslink Pride

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 37 Pack Volume 1 *
Class 37 Pack Volume 2 *
Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 91 Enhancement Pack
Class 365 Enhancement Pack
Class 377/379/387 Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

Chatham Main Line
Class 66 EWS
ECML London to Peterborough
European Loco & Asset Pack
Freightliner Class 70 Pack
Intercity Class 91 Loco
Southeastern Class 465

DP Simulations:
MJA GBRF Blue Wagons

Vulcan Productions:
GBRF 66783 and 66789

* = Statics Only


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