6C72 0830 Fairwater Yard to Westbury Down T.C.

6C72 0830 Fairwater Yard to Westbury Down T.C.

14th November 2020 5 By CrazyGecko

This scenario involves preparing and taking a empty train of JNA-C wagons from Fairwater Yard to Westbury for loading using a Freightliner Class 66 with a max speed of 60mph. Traffic is quiet at this time giving you a clear run.


Armstrong Powerhouse:
JNA-C Wagon Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 158/159 “Cummins” Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

Just Trains:
JJA Autoballaster
South Western Expressways Route
YGB Seacow
Voyager Advanced

Class 66 EWS v2.0
BMG Welsh Marches: Newport – Shrewsbury Route “Branded version”
Network SouthEast Class 159 DMU
East Coast Mainline: London – Peterborough Route “for the Class 801”
Medway Valley Line

Class 800/Class 802 – Great Western Railway reskin.

Feel free to let me know if there’s issues so I can fix them.