5Y11/1Y11 Heaton Depot – Newcastle – York

5Y11/1Y11 Heaton Depot – Newcastle – York

10th June 2020 3 By Oliver Smithson

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Scenario Requirements:
– East Coast Mainline with DPS Upgrade York – Newcastle
– Intercity Class 91
– AP Class 91 Enhancement Pack
– European Loco & Asset Pack
– AP Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack
– AP 150/2 Multiple Unit Pack

Starting at Heaton Depot, you take charge of 91 109 and drive it down to Newcastle where you will form the 06:30am GNER Service to London Kings Cross. You will drive this service as far as York. (If you have previously downloaded this Scenario between 10th June 2020 and 12th June 2020 then this has been updated)

*Updated 16/06/2020 to include an .rwp file for ease of installing.