5R03 Letchworth to Royston / 2R03 Royston – KX

5R03 Letchworth to Royston / 2R03 Royston – KX

6th October 2021 0 By Kieran Harvey

Take control of an ECS move from Letchworth Sidings to Royston as 5R03 to form 2R03 to London Kings Cross. I’ve tried to make this scenario realistic and can only draw on my experience driving down south so hopefully nothing is unrealistic. You’ll need to wait for authority to leave the siding and do the correct speeds through the washer. The is a very long wait at Royston but it is what the real service would have done if this is annoying I’d reccomend EnableAsyncKeys launch option to speed up time whilst waiting.

Please also note you won’t be able to achieve a tick at the end, but I needed to keep things timetabled to ensure correct AI behaviour in the London area. There is also two glitched signals on the approach to Alexandra Palace, if you have JT common library they will be automatically tabbed through for you, the first one is outside the tunnel.

This is my first upload, hopefully you enjoy! Requirements below.


ATS Kings Cross – Kings Lynn Route.

Mk2D-F Coach Pack.
Class 37 Volume 1.
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack.
JHA Wagon Pack.
JXA/POA Wagon Pack.
Class 377/387/379 Enhancement Pack.
Class 66 Enhancement Pack (Using EWS V2.0).

Fastline Simulations:
*Sea Urchin Pack (For TSR/ESR signage)

Just Trains
**Common Library

Available on ATS:
Class 801 Azuma Reskin
Class 91 BH Reskins VTEC/LNER Pack
Desiro City Pack (707/717)

*Not essential to running of scenario.
**Not essential but used to keep certain signals red for realism and to auto tab through glitched out signals.