5M98 11:48 Neville Hill T&R.S.M.D-Burton Ot Wetmore Sidings

5M98 11:48 Neville Hill T&R.S.M.D-Burton Ot Wetmore Sidings

21st May 2021 2 By Robbo13

5M98 1148 Neville Hill T&R.S.M.D-Burton Ot Wetmore Sidings

Afternoon driver, today is 43102s final trip before going into preservation at the NRM. First though, 43102 and 43272 are heading to Burton Wetmore Sidings and you take over the controls near Barrow Hill and will take it as far as Derby.

How to Install
1. Extract using 7zip
2. Copy Contents into Railworks
3. Done!

Route: Midland Mainline + Barrow Hill Extension


Class 222 destination upgrade (Clowes)
MK1 T2 Translator coaches*

Armstrong Powerhouse
BR Mk2 Pack*
Ckass 37 vol.1 & 2*
Class 43 MTU EP
Class 43 VP185 EP
Class 56 EP
Class 66 EP
Class 67 EP*
Class 156
Class 158P EP
Class 170
FSA Wagons
Weather EP

BH reskins
JT Class 60 reskin pack.

Class 52*
Class 56
Class 67 Pack 03 (Comes with Bristol-Swansea-for BYA Wagons)
Class 159 Pack 01

BYA Ews reskin
MJA Freightliner reskin*
MJA Gbrf reskin

Just Trains
Class 60

Class 43 VTEC/LNER/EMR HST pack
Class 43 Revamp Pack

Semaphore Simulations
EMR 170 & 222 reskins pack.

Vulcan Productions
Chiltern Class 168111 NHS Livery & Class 168/170 Air dam & Tripcock

Since the scenario starts near Barrow Hill and it can be seen from the cab, a small selection of AI has been included- all static.

Requirements for Barrow Hill

East Midlands Angel Hsts

Armstrong Powerhouse
HIA Wagons

Class 52
Class 89

Just Trains
Class 20

Vulcan Productions
Class 89 Pack-in service liveries

Those assets marked with * are for static AI only in the Derby area.

I hope you enjoy this scenario, if there is any problems or anything missing then please let me know.